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A2 Series

▲ FBD + LD System
▲ Support Start-up Screen (108*64 )
▲Multiple communication port
▲ Password protection, copy protection
▲ 36 integrated functions, pre-tested functions
▲ Linking of 1024 function block is possible
▲ Display of message texts
▲ Integrated data latch
▲ Flexibly expandable up to 4000 points
▲ Support full Modbus protocol
▲ Free PC software“Yotta Edit”+“Yotta Utility”


A2 Series

Item Main Extension Text Panel
A-2188-D A-2188-A A-2189-D
A-2188D-D A-2188D-A A-2189D-D A-2060-D A-2060-A ATP
Inputs 8 8 4 8 8 LINK
Analog inputs -- 4(10-bit) --
Supply Voltage 10~30VDC 100/240VAC 10~30VDC 10~30VDC 100/240VAC
Outputs 4
Continuous current Relay : 5 A for resistive load, 2 A for inductive load
Real-time Clock/reserve power Yes / > 2 years
Operation temperature -10°C to +55 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
Linking of functions 1024(Max)
Input Operating
20000HZ(Total 80000HZ) 4HZ
Communication Port USB*1 & RS-485*1
Display/LED Yes
Degree of protection IP 20
Main I/O Points 12 points,support 7 units AIO/DIO extension modules
Real-time Clock Yes
Password Protection Multiple password protection
Communication Protocol Master:MODBUS ASCII/RTU\Slave:MODBUS ASCII/RTU
Communication Baud Rate 1200~115200bps
Digital Input signal status

AC Supply TYPE status low: < 40VAC ; status high: >79VAC

DC Supply TYPE status low: < 5VDC ; status high: > 8.5VDC

Digital Input Isolation Yes
Analog Input Type -- 0~10VDC --
Main Dimensions(mm) 72.65*90*60.3
Ext Dimensions(mm) 81.21*90*57.1
A-2188D-D Supply Voltage:10~30VDC,8DI,4DO(Relay),108*64 LCM
A-2188-D Supply Voltage:10~30VDC,8DI,4DO(Relay),I/O LED indicator
A-2188D-A Supply Voltage:100/240VAC,8DI,4DO(Relay),108*64 LCM
A-2188-A Supply Voltage:100/240VAC,8DI,4DO(Relay),I/O LED indicator
A-2189D-D Supply Voltage:10~30VDC,8DI,4DO(Relay),4AI(0~10VDC),108*64 LCM
A-2189-D Supply Voltage:10~30VDC,8DI,4DO(Relay),4AI(0~10VDC),I/O LED indicator
A-2060-D Supply Voltage:10~30VDC,8DI,4DO(Relay),I/O LED indicator
A-2060-A Supply Voltage:100/240VAC,8DI,4DO(Relay),I/O LED indicator
CAB-60USB Communication Cable
ABM64/AMB128 Memory Card
ATP Text Panel





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